Friday, June 14, 2013

Whole lot of crazy going on...

Yes, it's been a while since I posted anything on here and as usual, much has happened.

Lorne's father passed away while he was incarcerated.  His father had been in poor health when he made the move to Vegas and being as old as he was (in his 80's) and not having anyone to take care of him (his parents are divorced) he was dependent upon his own skills and the kindness of neighbors who checked in on him occasionally.  Lorne always knew that he would never see his dad as a free man.  His father's age and the corrupt Nevada Parole Board pretty much made that a sure thing. 

I can't imagine being behind bars and having a parent pass away.  Admittedly Lorne and his father had a strained relationship which complicated Lorne's feelings about his passing.  How can you mourn a man that you pretty much loathed?  Lorne's father controlled the purse strings and it frustrated Lorne to no end that he had to continually beg for money in order to do silly things

The other day as I was speaking with Lorne he flat out told me that should be not get his next parole he will refuse all parole board actions.  He thought I would freak out about that because it means that he is looking at another 17-21 years inside.  However, he would not be the first inmate to expire their sentence rather than get out on parole.  There was another inmate who was part of my Wiccan group who did the same thing. 

Before you go all crazy on me, follow an inmate's logic...when you are out on parole, you still do not have a life.  Everything you do must be approved by your parole officer.  Jobs, housing location, who lives with you, etc.  You also forfeit the right to any privacy.  At any time you are subject to search by law enforcement personnel.  Any interactions with law enforcement must be reported.  And worst of all, at any point you violate, even inadvertently, any of your rules, it is back to prison you go.  Knowing how traumatic this experience has been for Lorne, the thought of getting out and then having to worry that he will be sent back, would send him over the edge mentally.  Prison changes you and in most cases, not in a better way. 

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